Software Development Company 101: Understanding More about Atlanta Software Development


Software development is huge world where all kinds of apps, programs, and games you use in your daily life is formed and created. These apps range from the most popular social media app on your phone where you can post anything online to mobile games on your smartphone that provides you an opportunity to relax in the office. This article will help you know more about software development companies and what they do.

Many companies out there like the Atlanta Software Development offers a way to solving problems in the business and technology world passionately done in a short amount of time. They have technical focus that mainly is directed towards product development like creating web, mobile, and social applications. They can provide cloud computing and even business intelligence.

All kinds of software are conceptualized, developed and maintained by development companies. It usually starts with the planning phase of all requirements needed to create the software. Once all requirements are set, they will move on to the requirement analysis where more planning happens. A team of operations, developers, product owners, and testers are going to be needed in planning phase to and later on to the design phase. The design phase will take all the requirements to plan the product. Usually in the design phase, the business rules, user interface layouts, color schemes, programming languages that will be used, frameworks, and system server designs; architecture of the application, mobile aspects, supported browsers, and database relationships are going to be taken into account too in this phase. The implementation and coding of the applications is where most fun happens for developers. This is when the operations team will setup a physical hardware for the servers that will be needed. The codes will be written by developers. All the designers will make sure that the planning for the user interface will continue until perfection is achieved. And all testers will analyze everything that is done so they can start building test cases for different purposes like creating test plans. This is when the value of testers is significant. They will see if the application being developed is usable and if everything in the flow is significant. They can redesign all things again especially if the fundamental flows are not making sense. The testers will validate that everything is working well from the servers’ and developers’ point of view. Know more about software at

Atlanta Software Development companies are highly essential to all our lives today from the way we contact our loved ones, we work, and we enjoy and play.


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